Web Dev/Design Portfolio

My work with Activator Studios spans from web development and design, vector illustration and logo design, to HTML emails and blog design, to PPC and advertising, e-commerce and marketing, and probably even more things I'm forgetting. All of us juggle multiple roles at this award-winning digital agency, and I have been no exception.

Websites I have had a direct hand in creating and maintaining include Focused-EC, Catalyst Game Labs store, BOLD VAN, and many others.

Dogparc is a Rails-based web application for a hypothetical company that matches Denver professionals in canine services to dog owners, and vice versa. The backend utilizes Devise for user authentication and Stripe for billing, while Bootstrap provides a frontend framework.
Live at Heroku.

My 2015 Internship with the Environmental Protection Agency involved the design and creation of three static sites for cities needing websites on their local water pretreatment programs.
My work for them earned me the EPA's Merit Award.


Fish on Fire

Made as a test for the digital painting capabilities of Autodesk Sketchbook, using an iPad Pro. Both were brand new to me.

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Made in Photoshop CS, using a Wacom Intuos 7. Includes lupines, peonies, dahlias, and a lot of details.

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Made in Photoshop CS, with a Wacom Intuos Pro. Foliage species is non-specific. Can you find the hidden insects?

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From Dirt

Made in Photoshop CS with a Wacom Intuos 7. The flowers are all species that bloom in May.

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Made in Photoshop CS with a Wacom Intuos 7. I was inspired by learning that rabbits can survive deadly nightshade.

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Bathroom Mirror Selfie But In Outerspace

Made in Photoshop CS with a Wacom Intuos 7. Self-portrait that I painted over and embellished a bit.

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Inspired by an evening spent near a stormy, ominous coastline.


I wanted an excuse to try animating moving fingers, so this visual pun happened.


Decided to try CSS animations with .png illustrations instead of the usual .svg.



Someone told me I would have fun making iMessenger sticker packs, and I should give it a try. They were absolutely right.

I drew these animated bunnies in a pixel-art style.

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Most impressive is Stephanie's attitude. She is a true professional, determined to contribute where needed, proactive in planning and problem-solving; a team player who builds relationships with people at all levels but also works extremely well on her own and takes pride in everything she does. Even though Stephanie had to juggle the needs and limitations of all three cities and the EPA, she was able to complete the projects effectively, professionally and timely.

— Michael Le, Regional Pretreatment/Biosolids Coordinator, U.S. EPA

I believe you will find Stephanie’s skills in creating things that are envisioned, as well as are not yet envisioned, just as important as her technical knowledge in her field. I enjoyed the time working with her, even if it was by phone or email, and would recommend her for any pursuit she may be going into.

— Jade Lewis, Pretreatment Coordinator of Rexburg, Idaho

I would recommend Stephanie to anyone that needs assistance producing or modifying their website. With Stephanie’s friendly, professional, and informed communication combined with her technical prowess whomever she works for in the future will have a finished project they can stand behind with pride.

— Alex Dawson, Pretreatment Coordinator of Blackfoot, Idaho